Ride the Lightening Path of Limitless Expansion

For many folk, the path of spiritual mastery and self realization can often feel like a long, grueling, arduous task, filled with sacrifice, self restriction and doubt. However, it’s only that way if YOU CHOOSE it to be so. The lightening path of ultra fast progress, freedom and liberation is equally easy to choose but, needless to say, it yields a far more satisfactory outcome. Which path you end up on is entirely determined by the thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that you entertain.

Your thoughts MATTER!… As in, your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes actually CREATE the material world in which you get to experience your chosen reality. This is such a simple, profound and immensely powerful truth, yet so few bother to appreciate it beyond an immediate and superficial understanding. Ponder this every day and contemplate it during meditation, your entire experiential reality depends on it.

Consciousness is The Source of all that exists. It is the creative origin that coagulates itself in to electrum of positive and negative charges, which then bind to one and other through the forces of electromagnetism, to form progressively denser levels of materialization i.e. sub-atomic < atomic < molecular < cellular etc. Without consciousness the material universe simply could not exist. Similarly, nothing exists in the universe that did not first exist in consciousness. This is the true power of your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes, the true power of YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS. You are the creator God of your universe, and I mean that 100% literally.

The entire material world around you bends to your will, commanded by the thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that you allow to exist in your creator God consciousness. If you entertain thoughts of betrayal and heartache, you will create that experiential reality. If you hold fearful beliefs of heredity disease, you will manifest that disease in your body. If your attitudes express frustration, aggression or misery, your environment will reflect that also. If your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes involve love, health, compassion, respect, gratitude and generosity, so too will your created experience of life, in equal measure.

So, when a spiritual initiate is displeased with their current limitations and the rate at which they are progressing, what does that say about their chosen thoughts, beliefs and attitudes? It can only be indicative of limited thinking and slowly progressive thoughts. However, in the very next NOW moment, that same person is completely capable of CHOOSING radically different thoughts of LIMITLESSNESS and lightening fast PROGRESS, and immediately their experience will begin to reflect that. There is no limit to limitlessness, and that will become your ultimate experience should you choose thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that support it ALWAYS.

People often tend to hold the belief that progress must be made in a step by step manner, upon a linear path i.e. from point A to B to C to D. If that is a limitation you accept as truth, so it will be your experience, and you will slowly plod upon that chosen path. However, if you allow your creative consciousness to only hold thoughts, beliefs and attitudes of a truly limitless nature, you will leap from point A to Z, in the blink of an eye. The rate at which we progress is only limited by how far we can cast our mind in to the unlimited.

To take the supreme creator God-consciousness that you are, and focus it upon issues of social-consciousness is the most monumental waste of resources. Dwelling upon finances, work, relationship drama, fashion, accumulated assets, illness, lack and other limited modes of thinking is like taking a mighty, magnificent Genie and stuffing it inside a dirty old oil lamp, where its magical powers become obsolete. Yet this is precisely how most people choose to live their life, in accordance with the limitations of social-consciousness, creating the experience of slow and unsatisfactory spiritual growth… But this can all be transcended in an instant!

No matter how stagnant, surly and decrepit someone has become, they have the creative power to completely overcome ALL limitation right NOW. All it requires is their thoughts, beliefs and attitudes to unconditionally support their own limitlessness. So read more mind expanding books, ponder the bigger questions in life, contemplate what it really means to be unlimited, rub your Genie lamp and ACTUALIZE your ultimate potential!

Simply by welcoming new ideas and higher possibilities in to your consciousness, you will CREATE those new concepts to be experienced in your reality field. As your new concepts are converted to wisdom through experience, you will gain an even deeper understanding of the word LIMITLESS. Through that deeper understanding of what it means to be limitless, you will then create the experience of being more unlimited, and so on until you become the very meaning of the word LIMITLESS.

Remember, the rate at which we progress is only limited by how far we can cast our mind in to the unlimited. Don’t settle for limited 3D human-mind concepts that are only one or two steps ahead of your current position. Jump as far ahead as your imagination will allow you… That is how you ride the lightening path of ultra progress. If you want to become an Ascended Master, you must first learn to THINK like an Ascended Master, as that is what will create the experience, not the other way around.

Here is an example of an all encompassing and limitless thought that is worthy of your attention in EVERY moment:

I love ALL that IS, because all that IS, is God. And all that God is, is all that I AM. And all that I AM, I love. (When I say “God” I don’t mean a religious concept. I simply mean the unified field of energy that is the source of all that exists.)

The more you contemplate that statement in your daily meditations and ponder even further during your worldly duties, the more you will create that as your reality. Allow me to elaborate upon how that will translate in to your experience.

I love ALL that IS – The more you embody this aspect, the more you will create the experience of love. Any form of judgement, anger, misery etc. will fade away from your own expression, regardless of what the “external” world presents. You will love what is, simply because it IS, and you will need no other reason to LOVE it. The ability to love in this way provides a feeling of deep bliss and joy that is far greater than the love you can feel for any one person. To love in this way is to love as God loves.

Because all that IS, is God – This understanding is the source of the love for all that is. As you begin to perceive and experience the divinity in ALL people, places, things, times and events, to feel and express anything less than love and joy becomes increasingly difficult.

And all that God is, is all that I AM – To observe all as God is to also acknowledge yourself as being unified with that field of energy, that is the source of all that exists. To perceive divinity and simultaneously say “I AM” is to reclaim that which was forgotten long ago, your divine origin, and recognize yourself as God.

And all that I AM, I love – This aspect simultaneously encompasses and reaffirms all of the preceding train of thought. The words “I AM” have a dual meaning here. I AM refers to the self as your individual consciousness, but it also refers to the primary thought of ALL consciousness… The simple knowing of “I AM!” When both meanings are intended through the single statement, it acknowledges the fact that the I AM presence of the self and the I AM presence of all that exists, or God, are one and the same.

So, I wrote that original statement for my own understanding but I share it with you because of the profound effect it has had upon my own experience. This is a thought worthy of your creation in to experience. Memorize and contemplate it as often as you can!

All of your life experiences have been created by your consciousness… ALL of it… there is no exception to that simple truth. This is why everyone holds so firmly to their own beliefs and world view, because their experiences reinforce the beliefs that created the experiences in the first place! This cycle of stubborn ignorance and repetitive experiences will continue indefinitely, unless the individual wakes up from their limited dream and chooses a new dream of limitlessness.

Wishing you love, joy and infinite expansion of mind.

Zac Sole

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