Invest Your Attention/Energy Wisely

An undeniable law of human experience is that whatever we consistently invest our Attention/Energy in, we inevitably receive and experience more of. Money, knowledge, assets, friends and family are a few obvious examples, but what about the not so obvious investments we make in every moment of every day? What about the investments we make in hostile relationships, financial concerns, pointless conflict, self sabotaging thoughts and undesirable emotions? Are they really things we want to receive and experience more of?

All of the people, places, things, times and events that have ever been or ever will be, are nothing more than differing forms and expressions of the same Vital Energy (THE SOURCE). All energy is vibration and all vibration has a related frequency. It’s the variation in frequencies that govern if, when and how differing aspects of The Source will interact with one and other. Commonly referred to as The Law of Attraction, this universal mechanism seamlessly orchestrates all of the intertwined interactions and crisscrossed “coincidences” that are constantly taking place, throughout the entire space/time matrix.

Whether it be as insignificant as a pesky fly tormenting you on a hot Summer’s day, or as meaningful as a life changing event or relationship, ALL interactions occur according to the universal law of FREQUENCY SPECIFICITY. What this means is, precisely 100% of the people, places, things, times and events that come in to our experience do so because their energetic frequency specifically matches that of the frequency we’re broadcasting… And who do you think is responsible for what you broadcast?

What we broadcast and, therefore, the related experiences that we attract, are ultimately determined by our own consciousness. Any aspect of our “individuated” consciousness that is not aligned with the supreme unified consciousness of The Source, will result in a distortion in the way we receive and integrate Vital/Source Energy. Our own intricate combination of such distortions is what determines our energetic signature (Broadcast frequency) and, therefore, the experiences we attract in to our life, for the purpose of self reflection and growth.

Anyone who endeavors to deepen their experiential understanding of this simple truth will come to appreciate that life itself is the greatest teacher. What we experience on a day to day basis reveals, without bias, what we have been investing our Attention/Energy in. As we come to realize our foolish investments, we then become empowered to make wiser conscious investments in future.

Below are a few very common examples of not so wise investments to be aware of. No matter how blatant or subtle these expressions/experiences may be for you, think about how they are relevant and how you will make wiser investments moving forward.

Investment – Victimization

Blatant Broadcast – “Mean people and bad things always happen to me.”

Subtle Broadcast – “It’s not my fault. Someone or something else is responsible.”

Resulting Attracted Experience – Complaints from other victims. Abuse from polar opposite tyrants. Major or minor unfortunate events, or being “unlucky”.

Warning Signs – Any form of blame. Any rejection of what is being experienced. Feelings of dis-empowerment. Dwelling upon past experiences.

Resolution – Invest in self empowerment by acknowledging full responsibility for ALL of the experiences that you have frequency specifically attracted to you. Seek to understand the deeper meaning of those experiences and how they actually serve you well. Experience in the NOW moment, and let the past stay where it belongs. Meditate.

There are limitless opportunities to observe and express personal empowerment and ways to support and empower others in this world… Invest your Attention/Energy there, and you shall receive and experience more of it.

Investment – Separation

Blatant Broadcast – Hatred, violence, revenge, condemnation, discrimination etc.

Subtle Broadcast – Judgement, competition, harmful gossiping, superiority/inferiority, egotism, selfishness, misunderstanding, rejection, greed etc.

Resulting Attracted Experience – Anything that mirrors the broadcasts.

Warning Signs – Any form of conflict. Any form of inequality.

Resolution – Seek to understand others, rather than judging and condemning them. Know that anything you reject in others is also present in you so ask the question “How am I that also?”. Focus upon what unites people, rather than what divides them. Meditate.

There are limitless opportunities to observe and express unity, peace and harmony in this world… Invest your Attention/Energy there, and you shall receive and experience more of it.

Investment – Fear

Blatant Broadcast – Panic, anxiety, paranoia, phobias… “The world is a dangerous place.”

Subtle Broadcast – Worry, concern, stress. Focused on potential “negative” outcomes.

Resulting Attracted Experience – Anything that further validates your “reasons” to be fearful.

Warning Signs – Muscular tension, elevated heart rate, fight or flight reactions. Any undesirable feeling state. Subscribing to imagined undesirable future experiences.

Resolution – If your mind wanders too far in to the future, drag it back to the present moment. Breath slower and deeper, all day every day. Surrender to divine will… expect nothing and accept everything. Don’t sweat the small stuff… And know that all fear is based on small stuff. Meditate.

There are limitless opportunities to observe and express love and compassion in this world… Invest your Attention/Energy there, and you shall receive and experience more of it.

I hope that these few simple examples have provided a different perspective on some of your own undesirable life experiences. I also hope that you will take this concept and convert it in to your own wisdom, through experiential application. When we learn to interpret the many lessons that are frequency specifically presented to us every day, we also discover how to conquer those repetitive lessons and graduate to new experiences. As we consciously change what we invest our Attention/Energy in, so too do we change our broadcast frequency. As our frequency changes for the better, our grid of frequency specific people, places, things times and events must also conform. It can be no other way.

It doesn’t have to be complicated and arduous:

Want less conflict, lack, sorrow or anger?… Stop investing your Attention/Energy in it!

Want more peace, abundance, joy or love?… Invest more of your Attention/Energy in it!

Simple in theory, right? Well it’s just as simple in application. All it takes is persistence, discipline and responsibility. Make it happen every waking minute!

Much love and best wishes.

Zac Sole

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