Attainable World Peace

When asked the question “Do you support the idea of world peace?”, I’m fairly certain that over 99% of the population would respond with a resounding “YES, of course I do!!!“. So why on Earth is WAR one of the most consistent stories of human history? More importantly, what must we do to promote a peaceful future?

No longer can we play the victim, blaming governments, terrorists and arms dealers, while refusing to accept any responsibility ourselves. Countless generations over many millennia have fallen victim to that trap, and the result speaks for itself. We must adopt a new approach… One that involves each and every one of us taking responsibility for OUR contribution to war.

The constant conflict and bloodshed between warring countries is only a reflection of the collective consciousness of the human population; The collective consciousness being the global pool of thoughts, beliefs and ideas etc. to which every individual contributes his/her qualities, both positive and negative. When a certain concept or thoughtform receives strong enough support on the individual level of consciousness, it gets “uploaded” to the collective consciousness of our planet. The collective consciousness then serves as the creative force that determines what will be expressed on the global stage (This is somewhat comparable to the 100th Monkey Effect).

When understood from this perspective, global events provide great insight in to what each of us need to work on within ourselves, because we’re all tributaries and there is always a deeper level of realization. In this way, even war delivers a valuable message. It screams it in our face, yet we struggle to interpret the meaning, which really is quite simple… If we want to experience peace, we must BECOME peace!

The THEORY of peace is supported by almost everyone, but the APPLICATION of peace is supported by almost no one. Likewise, the theory of war is supported by almost no one, but the application of war is supported by almost everyone.

War is a state of armed conflict between opposing factions. The quantity of combatants and the choice of weaponry is irrelevant. When we curse in a moment of road rage, our voice is our firearm and the other driver our opponent. When we needlessly kill a spider, our boot is the weapon that crushes an innocent victim. After an unresolved fight/war with a “loved one”, they become our enemy whom we bombard with destructive thoughts and energy. When we use social media to spitefully criticize the views and behaviours of others (even politicians!), our words become the propaganda that coaxes others to join our army etc. If we’re ever to see world peace, we simply cannot continue to justify our individual acts of war. Peaceful thoughts, peaceful choices, peaceful words and peaceful actions must become our personal priority in ALL of our daily endeavours.

Obviously, it’s not quite as simple as a magical overnight transformation. Our personal warmongering habits are the result of deeply ingrained subconscious programs, that must be reigned in and re-written on a daily basis, through persistent conscious intervention. The same can be said for all of our undesirable, automatic reactions to our environment. If ever our thoughts, words and actions do not involve love, peace and joy, we have work to do.

Consider the impact of certain individuals who have religiously followed these principals, such as Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Paramahansa Yogananda or Martin Luther King. Through their shining example, countless lives have been saved and liberated from oppression. History itself has been written in their words, through their actions. Our present day experience, and the future yet to come, has been profoundly and favourably altered because of the righteous ambitions of just a few individuals. Now, imagine if a few more of us jumped on that train of peaceful thought… Is there anything more worthy of our time and effort?

When enough people commit to a life-long pursuit of self refinement, and steadily transmute that which they contribute to the collective consciousness, the scales will progressively be weighted in favour of world peace. When the collective consciousness of humanity demonstrates that PEACE is the priority, then and only then, the global expression of warfare will wither and fade in to history. The 7 billion small wars are the true source of all the big wars, so let’s think about that… Don’t just skim read… THINK about that and ask yourself the questions “How am I contributing to the collective consciousness of war?” and “What personal changes will I work on in order to contribute more toward the collective consciousness of peace?”

Love and Peace,

Zac Sole

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