The Ultimate Source of Health and Wellbeing... or Lack Thereof

It is well known and documented that at the deepest depths of our being we are all comprised of the same “stuff” and are connected as one. A unified field of… something… is the one and only origin of ALL that exists in the known and unknown universe. Not only does it bring physical matter in to being, it imbues it with life by composing and orchestrating the infinite wonders of electromagnetism, chemistry, astronomy, physics and consciousness so that they flawlessly compliment one and other. The grandest, most elaborate and immaculate symphony that ever was, is and ever will be… and yet, so few bother to appreciate its harmonies or ponder the implications of its melodies.

If science is telling us that this most fundamental, primordial essence is the ultimate source of everything in the universe, shouldn’t we also acknowledge it as the ultimate source of health and wellbeing? Shouldn’t we then also be treating our pain, disease, psychological disorders and emotional issues at that causal level? How often do we hear of people having a tumour surgically removed, only to have another one grow back in its place, or elsewhere in the body? How many people prop themselves up with antidepressant drugs but never get to experience true peace of mind? Treatment on the level of gross matter alone can be likened to chopping the tops off of the weeds in your garden… It’s a valuable immediate solution but, unless you follow through and pull out the roots (treat it at the source), the weeds will always grow back.

In a quest to understand that Ultimate Source, researchers at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland accelerate sub-atomic particles to near the speed of light, before smashing them together to produce and observe even smaller particles. Someday they hope to find what is referred to as the “God particle”; The indivisibly small building block of all else. It is believed that finding and understanding such a particle would unlock all of the mysteries and secrets of the universe, but there’s just one problem with that… Many discoveries have been made at the LHC, and many more are yet to come, however, by searching for answers in physical matter, one will always be confronted by duality (positive/negative) and plurality (multiples of the same particle). These are limitations that, by definition, cannot be involved with a complete understanding of something that is ultimately singular i.e. The UNIFIED source of everything.

To put it simply, the ultimate unified source of everything (including you and your physical and mental function/dysfunction) can only be NON-physical. An easily acceptable concept when you consider that the universe itself is over 99.99999% non-physical, and so too are the atoms that make up the seemingly physical parts. But it still begs the question “If we can’t touch, see or measure it, then what is it?!” Quite frankly, not a language exists that can adequately describe the ultimate source of everything, but these few words offer a vague description – Pure, Undifferentiated, Limitless, Consciousness and Energy – Henceforth, those qualities will be referred to simply as “The Source”… But you Starwars geeks out there might prefer to call it “The Force” ;P

The Source is Omnipresent – It resides in all things and all locations simultaneously.

The Source is Omniscient – It is the limitless knowledge/database from which all lesser constructs and systems are derived.

The Source is Omnipotent – It is the limitless power that energizes and animates all else.

The Source is singular and all encompassing.

Although they are not yet fully understood, these qualities of The Source are widely accepted as scientific fact. However, they also seem to be describing what some people might call God, Allah, Jehovah or Krishna, minus all of the contradictory personification, fear, wrath and condemnation nonsense, of course. Could it be that Science and Religion are looking at different sides of the same coin? – What a wonderful question to ponder, especially for those of you who worship one modality of thinking and reject the other… After all, how can we fully appreciate left if we don’t also contemplate right?

With that basic understanding established, we can begin to appreciate that The Source is not merely a particle out there, or a deity up there. It’s the non-physical, Vital Energy that resides WITHIN all humans, animals, insects, atoms, planets and galaxies alike. It’s the Consciousness we each possess, that allows us to think the thought “I AM”. Needless to say, this means that Consciousness and Energy, which are synonymous, are also the sole source of either your radiant health and wellbeing, or your degeneration, disease and despair… Which do you choose?… HOW do you choose?

In order to use YOUR Consciousness/Energy to heal yourself, it’s important to remember that it’s not actually yours. The word “your” implies separation from the rest, but it is impossible for anything to exist separately from The Source. The most fundamental law of the universe is The Law of One, which states that at our core, we are all ONE (Individuality is a cosmic illusion that is covered in more detail in this PREVIOUS POST).

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”Albert Einstein

Essentially, all physical, mental and emotional health issues are symptoms caused by a restriction in the flow of The Source/Consciousness within an “individual” vessel. What is responsible for that restriction are the thoughts, beliefs and actions we choose that are not aligned with The Law of One. For example, any thoughts, beliefs or actions that involve concepts of enemies, opponents, me versus them, competition etc. are all in violation of The Law of One. Guilt, shame, blame, victimization, fear, violence, judgement, resent, superiority, inferiority, hatred, condemnation, disappointment and greed etc. can only exist where sufficient understanding of The Law of One does not.

Whenever we consciously or unconsciously think or act out of alignment with The Law of One, we also disrupt our alignment with The Source. Meaning, the free flow of that vital source energy, that sustains every aspect of our being and gives us consciousness, is diminished. Naturally, when there is disruption at that deepest causal level, it has a cascading effect in to all successive levels of materialization – sub-atomic < atomic < molecular < cellular < tissues < organs < organism. Hence, the occurrence of physical pain, disease and degeneration.

On the non-physical level, any misalignment from The Source results in a diminished level of our consciousness. Our overall understanding of life and the way we perceive reality is entirely determined by how limited or abundantly The Source flows through us. The more limited the flow of that all knowing source, the more distorted our perception and the more warped our understanding. Aside from further misalignments, the result of this is emotional tendencies/addictions, which lead to hormonal and biochemical imbalances in the body and brain, and then varying degrees of mental disorder. Hence, the occurrence of mental and emotional pain, disease and degeneration.

If left unchecked, these little misalignments from The Source compile and amass over a lifetime, forming bigger blockages, greater personal suffering and eventual dis-integration of the physical form. However, if used wisely, our “individuated” consciousness has the power to realign and strengthen our connection with The Source, promoting healing on all levels. Picture it like this – When the Sun (The Source) shines its light upon the Earth (physical body), that light must first pass over the bridge of space between the two (consciousness). If too many clouds (misalignments) build up and block the Sun light from getting through, all of the life and systems on the Earth will begin to suffer and perish. However, if the space between the Sun and Earth (consciousness) dissolves the cloud cover (misalignments), Sun light (The Source) will pour through freely, allowing life on Earth (physical body) to rejuvenate and flourish once again. Health and wellbeing really are as simple as that analogy. To clear the clouds and realign with The Source requires only two things.

Persistently steering thoughts, beliefs and actions back to alignment with The Law of One

Everything and everyone is unified, we know that. But we must convert that knowledge in to wisdom by constantly monitoring our thoughts, beliefs and actions, and guiding them toward those of love, compassion, acceptance, service to others, consideration, care, empathy, support, generosity, equality, peace and harmony etc. in ALL situations, no matter how big or small.

Daily Meditation

Our lungs draw breath without our conscious effort, but we can take in much more oxygen if we consciously choose to take deeper breaths. Similarly, our bodies draw in energy directly from The Source without our conscious effort, but we can willfully draw in MUCH more through meditation. Gradually, the increased flow of source energy will clear blockages, repair leaks and purify the body and consciousness (For more info on how to start your own meditation practice, see this PREVIOUS POST). But enhancing health and wellbeing are just early stage effects, and are really only scratching the surface.

The dedicated and disciplined application of these two simple strategies will transform all that you are and all that you know, in unimaginable and indescribable ways. Personal growth and expansion in this way is perpetual, and the implications are as limitless as The Source itself!

If this message rings true to you, and you’d like to accelerate this process, CONTACT US for more information about local (New Plymouth, NZ) and non-local (internet) classes.

Much love and encouragement to all my other selves.

Zac Sole

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