The Journey of the Soul

Imagine a diamond so flawless and limitless that it contained infinite facets, sparkling with infinite light. Each facet reflective in its own unique way, shining with immeasurable beauty, regardless of shape and size. However, every facet’s face points in a different direction and reflects light from different angles, creating the illusion of separation. Thus, the one becomes the many, and the illusion of individuality is born.

Similarly, the infinite energy/consciousness that permeates throughout the entire known and unknown universe, and is responsible for animating and orchestrating all therein, exists in complete oneness with itself. Simply put, this infinite energy/consciousness is responsible for the creation, preservation, destruction and recreation of ALL THAT IS. Without this fundamental truth of unity, nothing would exist. Much like the diamond though, this singularity is also capable of creating the illusion of separation.

In its endless endeavor to make known the unknown, this infinite energy/consciousness unnecessarily chose to experience itself as the many. However, in order to do so deception was necessary, just as deception is necessary for a surprise party to have the intended effect. This deception was created first by separating vibrational frequencies in to perceivably different dimensions of existence, and then exaggerated by the formation of physical matter.

Pure, infinite energy/consciousness coagulated itself to form sub-atomic particles, which bound together to form atoms. Atoms then combined to form molecules, which in turn produce all the elements and matter of the physical universe, including the cells and tissues that comprise our bodies. Of course, when this occurrence is catalysed and driven by infinite energy/consciousness, the rate and magnitude of the resulting expansion was so inconceivably indescribable that we have had to settle for a somewhat simplified description… “The Big Bang”.

The instant physical matter came in to existence, so too did its reference point. In the presence of a reference point, distance can now be observed. Where distance can be observed there must be space between the reference point and the observer. Where space exists so too does time. Thus, the one became the many, separated by space and time, and the illusion of individuality was born.

So, our souls are nothing more than facets of this one great diamond, appearing to be separate but, in actual fact, existing simultaneously as one and the same, as The One and The Many. The purpose of this illusory division, our individual sentience and our incarnation in to physical form is to allow The One to experience itself from limitless different perspectives. Basically, YOU are The One, I AM The One, He is The One, She is The One, We are The One and They are The One, all teaching/learning about our self to/from our many selves.

Knowing very well of the confusion and difficulties that would be experienced in this cosmic delusion, we adventured forth anyway, eager and honoured to honour our purpose… to make known the unknown. Far from a random, chaotic surprise, we made this choice and with it a plan. Upon completion of an experience in human form we (as soul) are able to return to the non-physical realms and remember our true, unified nature. Through this reconnection and communion with The One, the confusion of the cosmic delusion withers and fades. With our reawakened higher understanding, we are then able to review and analyze ALL the experiences of our recent incarnation, for the purpose of learning. (Did you ever wonder why people who die and get brought back to life often report seeing their whole life flash before their eyes?).

During this life review, each experience is noted for the effect it had upon yourself and/or any recipient of your actions. Experiences resulting in pain, suffering, misunderstanding and separation are indicative of lessons yet to be mastered. Meaning, they will be willingly re-experienced from a different perspective in another incarnation, giving you (your soul) another chance to grow and expand. This is the basic mechanism for what is known as Karma.

On the other hand, those experiences that resulted in a sense of love, respect, joy, understanding and unity would be considered well integrated i.e. actions that were in line with the innate, yet concealed, understanding that all is ONE. These well integrated experiences become permanently integrated wisdom/understanding that stays with your soul, even through to future incarnations spent back in the cosmic delusion.

Once the life review is over, you (your soul) can take as long as you like planning your next life. Based on your review, you will choose everything necessary to provide the experiences required for the most rapid growth in your next incarnation e.g. Parents, genetics, siblings, race, gender, geographical location, personal strengths/weaknesses, life path, soul mission priorities, significant friends and partners etc. Then, fully aware that the circumstances you have planned will be very difficult, you eagerly dive in to another mother’s womb to start over again! We have all done this many times over.

Through this process of incarnation, death, life review and reincarnation, each individuated soul strives to eventually remember itself completely as The One infinite energy/consciousness, even while in physical form. Just ponder that for a minute, think about the implications and consider… Can you think of any historical figures who have demonstrated a majorly higher degree of innate understanding and mastery? Where do you think that comes from?

We have already planned the journey, now we must walk it with grace and seek greater understanding at every turn. We have all been the sinner and the saint, the murderer and the murdered, the tyrant and the victim, the doctor and the patient etc. And despite the often turbulent surface appearances, we are all actually doing this to and for each other, for the sake of learning. Therefore, avoiding adversaries, despising difficulties and loathing lessons is futile because YOU chose them all! Sooner or later, in one life or another, you WILL conquer ALL of these lessons… It can be no other way.

To conquer every lesson, attain every wisdom and experientially realize ourselves as the one great diamond embodied in human form... That is the purpose of this practice, and the purpose of life.

Much love and respect,

Zac Sole

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