A Letter to a Grand Master

Below is an email I wrote to an indescribably remarkable mentor of mine. I have been working closely with Master Yang since early in 2008. I have witnessed and experienced countless things with him that completely defy the contemporary understanding of what is humanly possible. He comes from a long lineage of Chinese chi energy masters who have passed down, from generation to generation, their profound wisdom, understanding and super human abilities, related to the cultivation, communion and commanding of subtle energy. The images below have not been digitally altered or enhanced in any way. Strange light formations are very frequently visible in photos of Master Yang. I highly encourage anyone reading this to visit his website HERE.

Hi Master Yang,

I found the pre-planetary connection session incredibly powerful. It usually takes a while for me to notice the effects of each session but this one was immediate! After I opened my eyes and stood up, I had an overwhelming sense that EVERYTHING was somehow different. Instead of staying and chatting with the others in class, I felt that I just had to leave right away to experience the world from what felt like a very different perspective.

On my way home, I kept on glancing at very usual and mundane things but I couldn’t stop thinking to myself “This all feels so different”. Even now, I still can’t describe how or what changed but it was so significant that it brought me to spontaneous tears of joy numerous times that day. Sitting on the train, I could feel the complete stranger sitting across from me… she felt different and it brought tears of joy to my eyes. Walking to my home, I passed the same meshed wire fence that I’ve passed hundreds of time before but, as I noticed it in my peripheral vision, it just felt indescribably different… again, I was in tears of joy. Sitting at home, I heard a car’s engine rev loudly as it zoomed around the roundabout at the end of my street. Yet again, it just felt different in such a beautiful way that it brought me to tears.

I have since become accustomed to the new sensations and perspective. The difference is still noticeable but it’s not so overwhelming anymore. It’s both very subtle and incredibly profound at the same time. All that was just the preparation session! hahaha

On the day of the actual planetary connection session, as I was waiting to board my flight to Brisbane, I noticed an abundance of energy flowing within and around me, particularly around my heart and head. Immediately I suspected it had something to do with you connecting to me remotely and doing some further preparation work before the session?? It felt very easy to draw upon this energy so I did so, and bathed in its blissful warmth, continuously throughout the whole flight.

Although it was completely overcast that night and we were unable to visibly select which stars/planets you would connect us to, once we arrived at the first location, I was powerfully drawn to gaze at a very specific spot in the uniformly cloudy sky. I briefly scanned my eyes in other directions but nowhere else gave the same feeling. Soon after you connected me to my chosen location, I felt that warm radiant energy again, showering down upon me and expanding in and around my chest and head. As I gazed at the clouded area and the connection continued, the only visual I noticed was a very brief flash of light, precisely where I was looking. Another observation I found interesting is that, during the whole 20-30 minutes, I could hear mosquitoes flying all around me but not once did they bite or even settle upon my exposed skin.

Once this first connection was completed we sat down for a discussion. As always, I found your words profoundly insightful. You spoke with simplicity, about concepts I was already familiar with, and yet somehow I gained a much deeper understanding. We then spent some time meditating at your personal shrine. The energy flow in that room is amazing! It felt as if a bridge was formed between myself and a consciousness much more expanded than my own. Words that felt like mine but flowed automatically inside my head, described my deepest soulful yearning and purpose. Something I thought I already knew quite well was spontaneously redefined in to a much more elegant and clearer understanding. After this, I was a bit shocked but felt incredibly blessed when you had Susan deconstruct your shrine and gift the various items to each of us. I am already putting them to good use.

We then proceeded to the location where the second planetary connection would take place. Once again, I scanned my eyes around the blanket of cloud for a short while. No sooner than I had felt a new specific sweet spot, you pointed straight to it and said “Here, that group is yours. Connection started.” Mosquitoes buzzed all around me again but never pierced my skin, and I saw a brief flash of light, just like in the previous location. Compared with the first, this connection had a softer and cooler feel to it. However, after a few minutes, intense energy started running up my legs. The sensation felt exactly like ants running all over my lower legs, so much so that I was convinced that I was standing on an ant hive. Determined to remain focused on the connection, I ignored it as it spread to other parts of my body, particularly shoulders and forearms. After what must have been about 20 minutes of resisting the urge to shake ants out of my pants, you let us know that we were finished so I quickly got my phone out of my pocket to use as a flashlight, as I lifted my trouser legs to see if hundreds of ants were, in fact, crawling all over me… there was not even one.

The days following the planetary connection session have brought another significant shift in my perspective upon all things. It too is difficult to put in to words but it kind of feels like I’ve taken a big step back from the personal aspect of experiencing the world. It feels as though I’m looking through my own eyes but there is a greater degree of detachment from what I see. It’s almost like watching from a 3rd person perspective, still engaged and observant but my inner energetic feeling state is less effected by fluctuations in my outer experience. Not at all an adequate description but I get the feeling you will know exactly what I’m talking about. I’ve also noticed that much more energy is flowing in to the top of my head and downward through my body during meditation. It feels exactly the same as what I experienced during the first planetary connection but I can connect to it at will, any time.

I feel my eternal gratitude will never compare to the priceless experience, guidance, support and acceleration you have gifted to me over many years. But I will always honor your assistance by continuing to share this work and assisting others to the best of my ability.

Much love and respect,



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