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Through direct Chi transmission all attendees have their meridian system opened wide to receive much greater abundance of vital lifeforce energy. Feel the effects immediately.


Accelerate your spiritual growth by receiving highly personalized guidance, instruction and assignments, that will ensure you conquer lesson after lesson, rather than battling with the same old issues.

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Chi is the lifeforce energy that is the ultimate source of ALL that is. You and your consciousness are intimately connected to this unified field of energy, but that connection can be developed and enhanced to no limit. If you desire to rapidly empower your relationship with Chi, and endlessly deepen your ability to FEEL, COMMUNE WITH and COMMAND Chi...

This Practice is for YOU


As great waves rise up from the ocean and appear to take on lives of their own, it’s easy to perceive the distance, separation and conflict between them; so it’s easy to also forget the deeper truth that all waves exist in an intimate and inseparable state of UNION with the entire ocean. Similarly, when human souls rise up out of the ocean of spirit to take on physical forms, we appear to be separate from one and other, and separate from the world around us. It’s so easy to see the apparent distance, conflict and inequality between our self and “others”, and so easy to forget the deeper truth that we exist in an intimate and inseparable state of UNION with the ocean of energy that flows through all beings, and indeed, throughout the entire universe. It’s this state of amnesia, the cosmic delusion that we are disconnected and separate from all else, that causes ALL pain, suffering, confusion, disease and warfare, on both the personal and global scales.

The Great Work is the means by which all such limitations can be transcended, and our true state of UNION with the Source of all that is can be experientially remembered. Through this practice which has been handed down from Master to Disciple for millennia, any and every sincere initiate WILL progressively deepen their relationship with the Pure, Unified, Limitless, Conscious and Energy that gives rise to all else.


What this means is YOU are capable of consciously developing your ability to:

  • FEEL the life-force energy flowing through yourself, through others, and through everything around you like a seamless symphony of divine bliss. As you develop this aspect it becomes increasingly difficult to perceive anyone or anything as separate from yourself, which causes your natural state of being to involve more and more love, joy, compassion and harmony.


  • COMMUNE WITH the infinite intelligence that encompasses and animates the entire known universe and beyond. As you develop this aspect you progressively gain access to the limitless universal knowledge, wisdom and understanding that resides dormant within everyone.


  • COMMAND the unified field of energy, as you remember that it’s intimately and inseparably connected and responsive to your own consciousness. As you develop this aspect you can wield this immense creative force to support and empower all of your endeavours, and everyone around you.


The development potential and the implications of these ultimate life changing abilities are as limitless as the Unified Field of Energy itself. By learning to harness this power within, your whole experience and understanding of life will change in ways so wondrous that they cannot be expressed in words.

Fortunately, just as every wave will eventually crash, crumble and return to whence it came, so too will every “individuated” consciousness eventually return to a state of union with the Source of all that is. The sole/soul purpose of our human experience in physicality is to seek union with the divine within, and remember our true omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent nature, through direct experiential self realization. Whether we achieve that purpose in this lifetime or 1000 lifetimes from now entirely depends upon how well we apply ourselves to The Great Work with commitment, discipline and persistence.

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Zac Sole


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